CDWI – About us

We are a small, Christian NGO (non-government organisation) in Papua New Guinea made up of a number of village based trainers – men and women with very significant experience in training across villages in PNG. Our team have been involved in training in various ways.
  • During the awful 1997 drought we ran training in drought coping strategies and subsequently assisted in writing up the NARI drought coping strategies manual.
  • Following the drought there was time for communities to reflect together on the lessons learned – particularly focused around water shed management, tree planting and sustainable gardening strategies. This was a key part of the trainer’s lives for some time as part of the Baptist Union’s Community Development program.
  • Sewing training has been valued by many village women.
  • Leadership training and conflict resolution
We are focused on drought preparedness and are working to take messages of hope and appropriate technologies including NARI improved cultivars to others. ‘We’ might refer to anybody? So who does we refer to in CDWI? We are lead by a team of four – David and Anna Kulimbao, Peter Taul and Pastor Ambi with a Kiwi advisor (Dr David Askin) who has been working around Papua New Guinea for many years. You can view some of his publications and work in the library that is part of this web site. CDWI has a bigger vision than just training in some locations across PNG, although that is very important. We want to become a key place where training manuals and reports etc are made available for you. We hope you make use of the site. We will do our best to keep adding items to the library that will help locals, missionaries and others.

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