Askin, David 2003 Communicating the results of research A 'help' file to assist you in writing- for various purposes, but much of this relates for formal reports. View Download
Myers, Bryant L. 2005 Walking with the poor. Principles and practices of transformational development poor poverty development transformation A World Vision publication- not an easy read, but very comprehensive. View
Anon 2010 How To Develop A Management Information System MIS; management information system; database; information Presentation discussing the establishment of an information system for organisations. Very useful. View Download
Cahn, Mandy; Liu, Mattias 2008 Women and rural livelihood training: a case study from Papua New Guinea gender development png Gender and development issues, written by people who either live in PNG or are familiar with PNG issues. View
Farrell, David 2004 Managing village chickens managing village chickens kakaruk training agriculture business profit Managing village chickens is a trainers handbook, produced under an AusAID funded project, run in East New Britain. Before copying this manual, pls seek permission from IATP in ENB at Vudal Uni. View Download
Muntwiler, M.; Askin, David 2004 Training villagers in PNG - a handbook for trainers training villager PNG handbook adults A training handbook for trainers in PNG. Markus worked with the Salvation Army and these notes arose from a training manual he wrote on duck farming- but the manual is about training adults in whatever topic you wish. View Download
Dart, Jess; Davies, Rick. 2005 The 'Most Significant Change' (MSC) Technique. A guide to its use. Most significant change; MSC; M&E; monitoring and evaluation; project; project management Handbook for practitioners. 1.2 MB download. View Download
Tyler, Scott 2009 The four design principles - Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity design, writing, web site development, Robin Williams wrote a simple manual on how to present information- this pdf file summarises her book. View Download
Fowke, John; Malum Nalu 2009 'The Melanesian Way'- kill the sacred cow melanesia, tribe, tribal, society, raskol, crime A challenging read based on perceptions of an old timer in PNG- a kiap- govt officer from the 1960's and 70's. The author has spent most of last 48 years living in PNG. View Download
Askin, David 2003 Using computers- Mastering windows No. 1 computers, windows, files, folders A manual produced for PNG office workers, has some examples that may not be exactly true to Windows XP and Windows Vista, but the principles remain useful. View
Askin, David and Oliver, Allan 2003 Land use and soil fertility soil fertility land-use sustainability organic A manual produced for village extension officers in Papua New Guinea- lowlands. Hot and wet. Some of this manual uses New Guinea Islands tok pisin, which may be a problem for some. There are many pictures and principles of value for all those interested i View
Muntwiler, Markus 2003 Free-range Chicken Farming Trainer Manual chickens kakaruk village agriculture poultry management Markus was a missionary in PNG for some years, based in Kainantu. He lead a team of village extension officers and produced manuals on ducks and chickens. He also produced with David Askin a villager training manual. This manual is a 4.5 MB download - en View
Askin, David 2004 How to be an effective board member community committee board meeting These notes were written with the churches of PNG in mind - providing discussion pointers for effective boards. View
Baptist WATCH Project 1993 Primary accounting for a community organisation accounting finance money baptist bank bills receipt The Women and their children's health project, run in the 1990's by the Baptist church produced a number of training manuals. This is held by David Askin as a photocopy. View
Muntwiler, Markus 2003 Duck farming trainer manual duck muscovy soil fertility agriculture A great manual written for PNG, by a Salvation Army missionary who farmed and trained in duck farming in Eastern Highlands. Highly regarded. Dave Askin has a physical copy of this manual. View
Wissink, David (ed) 2000 Good food gardens for good food gardens food gardening nutrition A short, simple, clear manual for improving gardens. Originally produced by Elizabeth Cox- who has a long term experience in PNG. This is a reprint. View
Cape, Nicky 1970 Yu tu i ken daunim sik long ples health; sik; sick; disease prevention; pekpek wara; diarrohea A health manual for village health workers. Only available as a photocopy. View
Bivin, W.S.; King, W.W. 1970 Raising healthy rabbits under primitive conditions rabbits agriculture A manual for tropical rabbit farming. General principles. View
Schiere, J.B. 1990 Backyard Rabbit farming in the tropics rabbit agriculture A manual on rabbit farming, written for the tropics. View
Askin, David 2009 Sensitivity analysis in a chicken budget- learning excel excel; spreadsheet; sensitivity analysis A basic introduction to sensitivity analysis- allowing researchers and extension officers to see how to use excel to analyse for the effect of changing inputs. 50 kB. View Download
Anon 2010 STEEP analysis as part of M&E from September 2010. View
Blackman, Rachel 2003 Project Cycle Management PCM; Project Cycle Management; Project; Management A great hands on manual. Available on-line and downloadable here. Tear Fund would appreciate those who can pay- paying. Visit their Roots website. View Download
Askin, David 2010 Mentoring notes for leadership training mentoring; leadership; delegation; project management View Download
Anon 1970 A guide for Project M&E. Managing for Impact in Rural Development M&E; Monitoring and Evaluation; project management; PCM Comprehensive guide, as a zip file, 3.1 MB. View
Askin, David 2010 Personal viability resources personal viability; delegation; supervision; time management; covey Various resources for project managers and leaders. 400 kB View Download
NARI 2005 Doing Field Research - Farmers doing their own research research; participatory technology development; extension; problem solving; agriculture Farmers solving their own problems, a manual produced by a team in PNG under the ACNARS project. View Download
Songan, Robert; Fooks, Laurie. 2005 Conducting effective training workshops adult training; workshops; training; AIGF almost 10 MB download, produced as part of a large training project in PNG, via UniTech staff. View Download
Community Development Scheme (URS/AusAID) 2005 Project Management Handbook for non-Government and Community-Based Organisations. project; project management; training; NGO; CBO A great manual for the NGO and CBO community. Well worth considering, along with the two other manuals(1.2MB). Published by the Community Development Scheme, run by URS in PNG. View Download
Lewis, Sarah; Passmore, J.; Cantore, S. 2008 Appreciative inquiry for change management appreciative inquiry; change management; management; stakeholder Textbook. View
SPC 2001 English Style Guide english; writing; style; style guide; grammar An English style guide, written for this region. 80 kB. View Download
Community Development Scheme (URS/AusAID) 2005 Operational handbook- managing CDS small grants ngo; cbo; grant; managing money; financial; finances; project management View Download
Community Development Scheme (URS/AusAID) 2005 Project design and appraisal for community development project; design; M&E; appraisal; URS; CDS; project; project management Excellent manual for the NGO and CBO community. Almost 7 MB download. View Download
Kima, David (ed) 2005 Christians caring for the environment in PNG. A handbook of principles and practice. environment; sustainability; christian; bible; evangelical alliance; EA A locally produced book, available in PNG, and at Comfort Inn, Boroko. View
ISNAR 2002 How to write a convincing proposal: Strengthening project development, donor relations, and resources mobilization in Agricultural Research proposal; writing; project management; project; ISNAR; zenete franca; participatory training; PAPA; action learning Very comprehensive report of training, provides lots of insights into great training methodology. PAPA processes outlined. 900 kB download. Written by Dr Zenete Franca I suspect- she regularly trains in PNG through ARDSF (2009, 2010). View Download
Askin, David 2010 Project Cycle Management - Handbook written for ACP training in Melanesia PCM; project; project cycle management; project management PDF file, 4.9 MB. View
test 2008 test upload size View
Askin, David; Gallagher, N.; McKenzie, Bruce. 2002 Communicating the results of research (CHM Help file version) writing; research; paper; proposal; communication; press release A joint effort with Lincoln University staff- esp Dr Bruce McKenzie and Dr Nick Gallagher. Nick wrote the section on writing a scientific paper. 1.4 MB download. This is in the form of a .chm help file. View Download
NZAID 2008 Empowering women reduces poverty gender; women; women in development Gender policy of NZAID, 2008, 350 kB download. View Download
Anon 2003 Womens Voices in the Food Chain: Shouts and Whispers from PNG Women in the Natural Resource Sectors Vol 2 Papers presented at workshops women; wid; women in agriculture; food chain; food security; gender The workshops were a significant move forward in understanding gender and agricultural development. 489 kB. View Download
Askin, David 1997 Lukautim rabit, wokim gutpela gaden rabbits; tok pisin; garden; livestock A tok pisin manual that captured key learning re. farming rabbits in PNG. 791 kB. View Download
Askin, David 1996 Integrating village rabbits in Papua New Guinean Agriculture- a training manual rabbit Comprehensive, english language training manual for villager training on rabbit farming. 437 kB. View Download
Payne, M.; Tabar, M.; Navus, P. 2005 Basic record keeping Module 3. Lukautim ol rekot na buk bilong bisnis record keeping; business; bisnis; financial management; records REcord keeping- notes prepared in IATP project funded by AusAID in PNG. 2.8 MB download. Seek permission before copying this manual- from Vudal Uni/IATP. View Download
Payne, M.; Tabar, M.; Navus, P. 2005 Small farm/business analysis Module 6. Lukautim ol rekot na buk bilong bisnis cash; financial management; accounting; gross margin analysis; budgets IATP training manual- funded by AusAID. Seek permission before use. Talk to Vudal Uni. 140 kB View Download
Payne, M.; Tabar, M.; Navus, P. 2005 Small farm/business analysis- Trainers Notes module 6. accounting; gross margin analysis; training trainers; budgets; financial management Trainers manual, provided by AusAID through IATP project. Seek permission before use from Vudal Uni. 209 kB download. View Download
Martin, Sandra 2005 Marketing and Supply chain module (Draft only- Trainer handbook) marketing; supply chain Funded by AusAID through IATP around 2005. Seek permission before use from Vudal Uni. 645 kB. View Download
Martin, Sandra 2005 Marketing and Supply Chain Module 12 for trainees marketing; supply chain MOdule prepared by Sandra Martin, through IATP and funded through AusAID. Seek permission prior to use. 1.2 MB. View Download
Farrell, David 2004 Managing village chickens broiler; egg layers; poultry; village Zip file containing farmer training manuals for broiler and egg laying in village settings. Note this was produced with support from AusAID's incentive fund and books should only be reproduced after having gained permission from IATP at Vudal. Zip file al View
Pretty, J., Gujit, I., Scoones, I., Thompson, J. 1995 A trainers guide for Participatory Learning and Action training; trainer; participatory; PRA; training manual; PRAP; PLA A great guide, available as p/c in most NARI and other institutes as was used in Project Cycle Management Training. View
Selener, D., Endara, N., Carvajal, J. 1999 Participatory Rural Appraisal and Planning Workbook. participatory training; PRAP; training manual; training; workbook; community maps; stakeholder analysis Excellent manual. Many hard copies in institutes, as this was provided to all trainees at project cycle management training in Nov 2010. View
Askin, David 2003 People and NARI effectiveness; writing; PRAP; Gender; surveys; smallholders; mentoring; NARI A CHM Help file with various resources produced by the ACNARS team and compiled or written by Dave Askin. View Download
Songan, Robert and Fooks, Laurie 2005 Conducting effective training workshops training; writing; workshops UniTech sponsored training manual. Beware 9 MB download. View Download
Thiagalingam, K 2002 Refresher Training Course in Soil Science View Download
Songan, R and Fooks, L 2005 Conducting effective training workshops View Download
Askin, David 2002 Doing Field Research-Keeping People the Focus of Research in Melanesia 735 KB - focusses on efficiencies and effectiveness of staff in research and extension organisations in Melanesia. Plenty here to think about in groups or alone. View
Johnston, M and Askin, D 2005 Doing Field Research-Container Grown Experiments View Download
Askin, David 2011 Doing Field Research with Animals View Download
NARI 1997 Survey Training:Drought and frost codes used View Download
NARI 2003 Survey Training: Peanut survey by ACIAR in tok pisin View Download
NARI 2003 Survey Training: Goat questionnaire View Download
NARI 2003 Survey Training: Goat code list Useful example to help users understand the way surveys are entered into a spreadsheet for subsequent analysis. SPSS is the likely statistical package to use for analysis and reporting. View Download
NARI 2003 Survey Training: Drought/frost questionnaire strategies and coping mechanisms View Download
NARI 2003 Survey Training: Spreadsheet data Drought/frost strategies and coping mechanisms View Download
Wilson, T 2003 Survey Training: Notes from Trevor Wilson Very useful notes, requires other files to assist with working examples. Search library for items with survey in keywords or title. approx 700 kB download. View Download
Mayer, DG and Chapman, KR 2003 Doing Field Research - Research Techniques for Tree Crops View Download
Thiagalingam, K 2003 Doing Field Research - Soil and plant analysis manual View Download
ACIAR 2009 Improving village chicken production View Download
Okantah, SA et al. 2003 Small-scale poultry production in peri-urban areas in Ghana View Download
Parker, R 2004 Keeping chickens for income and food in the Solomon Islands View Download
Martin, L et al. 1998 Chicken Manure Tea (as a fertilizer) View Download
Muntwiler, Markus 2004 Chicken farming manual for PNG (Tok Pisin) kakaruk, tok pisin, village chickens, Tok Pisin version of chicken farming manual. 4.2 MB download. View
Askin, David 2011 Doing Field Research - General Principles and Practise research, training, spray, irrigation, sampling, trial design, blocking, replication, The main training manual for ACP training. pdf file about 3 MB. View
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Askin, David 2011 Doing Field Research - Blocking in a small livestock experiment - a class exercise A class exercise during ACP funded training in PNG. View